The Basil H. Alkazzi Award [USA] was established in 1987 as a
 travel award to London. Soon after the format was changed, and
continued to change as the monetary  fund increased.  In 1988
in commemoration The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA] was
established for the best runner-up to the main award.

Basil Alkazzi himself an established painter has always reached
out to help other creative artists, and to this end in 1986
established The Basil H. Alkazzi Foundation Awards at the eminent
Royal College of Art, London, with an endowment set in trust and
perpetuity.  Each year the foundation gives a full scholarship 
award including maintenance for a two year MA course in Painting,
as well as three other awards. These awards are granted only after 
a student has been accepted at the College.

Enamored with America and all that it justly stands for, he 
reached out to help less fortunate fellow artists in the USA by
creating The Basil H. Alkazzi Award (USA) and soon after The
Sheldon Bergh Award (USA).  As the number of the applicants
 grew to a little over three hundred each year, and twice as many
requests for applications, these awards consumed some three
months of Basil Alkazzi's own creative time.

Each artist has been anointed with a  creative gift called talent
that each recipient of this blessed gift must protect, nurture
and nourish.

Basil Alkazzi felt he was neglecting his own creative talent.  As
he did not wish the awards  to run in an impersonal manner, he 
decided to close them.  The first year of the new century is the 
last year The Basil H. Alkazzi Award (USA) and The Sheldon 
Bergh Award (USA) were awarded.

Kathryn Maxwell, Tempe, Arizona
Lisa Nigro, Baltimore, Michigan
William Steiger, New York, New York
Miles Mathis, San Antonio, Texas
Jean Koeller,  Daton,  Ohio 
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
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Serena Bocchino, Hobokin, New Jersey    
Thomas Connolly, Portland, Maine.
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]

Empty Beach
T Connolly

Brian Rutenbergh,  Jackson Hights, New York
Brian Whitfield, Lancing, Michigan
David Baca,  New York,  New Yor
k40 mg di viagraThe Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Marc Solomon Dennis,  New York,  New York
Molly Barker,  San Francisco, California
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Bo Joseph,  Providence, Rhode Island
Chawky Frenn,  Boston, Massachusetts
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
John Jacobsmeyer, Concord, New Hampshire

T Jacobs

(No Sheldon Bergh Award [USA] given.  The 
money was donated to Save The Children)

Nan Hass Feldman,  Framingham, Massachussetts
John Feodorov, Seattle, Washington
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Michael Rich,  Savannah, Georgia

Micheal Rich
T Rich

Micheal Rich
T Rich II

Christian Pietrapiana, New York,  New York
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Ellen Fienberg, Albuquerque, New Mexico
David Chon Murray, Troup, Texas
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Sandow Birk, Long Beach, California
David Brody,  
Lynnwood, Washington

N. Kern
T Birk

Bridget Lynch, Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]

Game of Folly
T Lynch

Marc Brodsky,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Brian Novatny, Brooklyn, New York

Woman Lovering
Bed Bluecover

T Novatny


Karen Kitchel, Denver, Colorado
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]
Josette Urso, New York,  New York

Josette Urso
urso gif

Paul Pagk,  New York,  New York
The Sheldon Bergh Award [USA]